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Apple employee may get if they trade insider secrets!

Thousands Of Euros – That’s what an Apple employee may get if they trade insider secrets!

Hackers are supposedly luring Apple employees with rewards of thousands of euros to leak the personal login details from within the company, said a few sources who are a part of the company in Ireland.

In a recent interview to Business Insider, an employee (who has been kept anonymous for his personal interests) said that a lot of external sources were trying their best to extract information from within the company. “You’d be surprised how many people get on to us”, the source has remarked in the interview.

And what’s the most prevalent way of doing so? By alluring the insiders of the company to trade valuable and sensitive information in exchange thousands of euros as rewards which are often extended through emails.

He further added that he could sell his Apple ID login information “for 20,000 euros tomorrow” itself!

And he isn’t the only one who has raised such a concern. Another former Apple employee has confirmed that hackers are mostly in pursuit of someone who has jumped to a “junior managerial position” – basically, someone who holds some kind of grudge against the company, so that it would be easy to manipulate him to extract the secrets. Apple has reportedly launched a scheme called “Grow Your Own” to tackle the concerns – the details of which aren’t very clear as of yet.

Through unauthorised access into the internal databases of the major tech giant, hackers maybe targeting individual user accounts and their confidential details which can often be sensitive financial information or some kind of corporate strategy data. The fact that Apple’s security systems are highly well constructed has made these hackers resort to other underhand means like these.

Often the security systems are wired in such a manner that some of the company’s most remote workers have difficulty in accessing its systems in Cork, one of the offices where many of the employees are based.

As for now, this is the news that is available. Business Insider has contacted the tech giant, to get more details on these claims.

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