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Business Insider hacked by OurMine hacking group

Business Insider hacked by OurMine hacking group

Reports are indicating that Business Insider was hacked on Wednesday morning. The cyber attackers which were involved in the hacking attempt identified themselves as the OurMine hacking group and they posted and managed to edit some articles which were on the US version of the website. In one of the messages, the group wrote that ‘Hey, don’t worry we are just testing your security m, we didn’t change your password or anything.’

Various users of the Business Insider app received a push notification after the hacking attempt. The message read, ‘we apologize for any inconvenience and we are working on getting things done and back to normal as soon as possible.

The attack might have been done as the group was taking advantage of the fact that maybe one Business Insider employee who has privileges to publish on the website might have used the same password on various websites on the Internet.

The hackers would then have used previous passwords that they received from previous data dumps from previous hacks and then used it to try and open a publishing account on Business Insider. The mechanism was used on numerous celebrities and public figures this year such as Mark Zuckerberg and Drake.

The hacking group which took part in the hacking attempt, OurMine, is a group that has been prolific in their actions and their dedication to get involved in these kinds of hacking attempts. The group also always claims that they are not doing anything wrong, but rather they are testing the victims password strength and account security. The group did not stop at hacking the Business Insider website but also entered the business news site, Inc on the same day as the Business Insider hack.

Various security experts have gone on record encouraging people to use strong passwords which are unique for each and every account you open on the Internet, and if need to make use of a password manager which would help in saving the numerous passwords. Two factor authentication is also advised.

The hackers have had huge data troves to get password suggestions from after various data dumps in the past few months. Various websites and social media networks have been hacked including Yahoo, MySpace, and LinkedIn.

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