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Netflix and Nord

Netflix Is Really Quite Unapologetic For Blocking Your VPN

Frustration is what most people feel when they try to use a VPN on Netflix and the company block your ability to view content. VPN’s generally allowed people to see content that was not in their country and be able to watch their favorite content available in another country. More than 400,000 people signed a petition demanding the end to the Netflix ban that prevents users from viewing their favored content via VPN’s.

Ted Sarandos, the company’s chief operating officer, told reporters that, “This isn’t a new position or new measure; it’s just that the technology got better in terms of blocking, which continually evolves. It’s always been a violation of terms of use to use them and a new vendor was able to block better than previous providers.”

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, also had something to say citing the example of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is can play only in Canada. He said, “We license a piece of content, like to Canada we have Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we’re only playing to Canada. It’s not really fair of us to make it available to the world, without us paying for it.”

Hastings went on to say that, “We’re trying to solve the problem by licensing [content] globally”, and added an example of the company’s original shows such as The Crown.

In a recent appearance in Paris, Hastings said Netflix was playing a significant role in   delivering ‘greater peace and empathy.’ Hastings said, “The world faces many challenges, now more than ever. And we hope that by building a globally available service, sharing content from all parts of the world, that we can do our part of increasing global understanding towards a goal of greater peace and empathy.”

When asked by reporters to further explain his point, he highlighted the importance that entertainment has had in ‘exposing people to influences which are beyond their sphere.’ He cited shows like Orange is The New Black, which has created a better and greater knowledge of transgender issues, something which is rarely portrayed on television.

Sarandos also added that if people knew each other very well, chances of them going to war against each other were very low. The movie separation highlighted how life was normal for other Iranian people to him, and he managed to notice that they also go through the same typical problems that ordinary people go through sometimes.

“The introduction to how people live around the world demystifies them a little bit, with us being able to see the good guys and bad guys, not just bad guys all the time.”

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