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New portable VPN device to be launched this month

New portable VPN device to be launched this month

Virtual Private Networks have come in and given people an assurance when they are browsing through the Internet that their data is safe and is free from any snoopers. And thanks to the technology behind VPNs, browsing the internet in public spaces is also set to become private and secure thanks to the launch of a new crowd-funded portable internet encryption device.

The new and portable device dubbed the ‘Keezel’, is able to give users a chance to bypass country restrictions even when they are on the road themselves and also at the same time give them security from any snooping eyes that might be laying around. The device is thought to be of great use in the Chinese market especially since the country has restrictions on several of the most popular websites in the world. It might also find a market in the Southeast Asian market as other social media networks and websites are also blocked there.

The portable devices use the popular Virtual Private Network technology that users are familiar with. Through this technology, users can then be assured of a secure internet connection and online privacy. The device is slated to be on the market starting from this month with a starting price of $99 which might increase based on a user’s need for premium features.

The device will come and be useful for internet users who are always on the move. The device has one button on it and is able to allow any user with internet access, complete freedom on the World Wide Web regardless of their location, at home, work or overseas.

The device was built thanks to a crowdfunding endeavor through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Keezel, as it’s popularly known has the ability to work on any Wifi network and can also connect to any Wifi-capable device which would include the Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Sonos and many other devices. It also works with VPN providers such as the LeVPN, PureVPN and ProXPN and is able to do its work by choosing the available connection in the selected region.

The founders of the Keezel VPN are Aike Mueller and Friso Schmid and started working on the project back in 2013. After they had put the project on the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo late last year, they managed to reach their target in less than a week. The startup managed to get 1,700 funders who were all in different countries, after which they decided to jumpstart the launch of the program. In a statement back last year, Mueller said that they were excited to have reached their target. He said that the quick response on the crowd funding site showed that there was a demand for secure, private, free, and open Internet something which they could counter on.

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