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U.S content disappears from screen in Canada as Netflix continues with VPN crack down

Netflix extends geo block to IPv4 and IPv6 tunnel brokers

Netflix is continuing its fight against users who want to watch geo-blocked content. The company is now extending its fight to the blockade of IPv4 and the IPv6 tunnel brokers even if the user is using these tunnel brokers legitimately.

The fact that Netflix has been treating users of different countries with different fairness levels. Back then it was a rumor, but it was revealed that Netflix gives users varied content all based on their locations. This might not solely be Netflix’s fault since they have signed the license and right deals with the various providers and the respective locations all get various content. This means that countries get content based on what Netflix has signed and countries like the US get much more content compared to all the countries in the world.

But as with each and every ban imposed on man, they always try to find a way through any ban. Various tricks and methods have been used to circumvent the geo block. Normally users were using the VPN and proxy servers that could help them circumvent the geo block. But content rights holders complained about the geo block by passing after which Netflix started employing a ban on VPNs.

The ban on VPNs was not the end of the methods people could use to bypass the geo block. Other savvy people brought in new methods to continue watching the restricted content. They brought in various methods such as tunnel brokers. Tunnel brokers can be used to give users a network tunnel, through various online services. Users can now use the IPv6, which gives people more freedom than the IPv4 protocol.

There are many companies which provide these various services, and one of them is the Hurricane Electric Company. It is the provider of the largest transit network of the IPv6 protocol. The company describes its service as a free tunnel broker that can be used to channel the IPv6 connections from the various IPv4 protocols that will be running. The company also says that their products are more suitable for developers and experimenters as they get a stable tunnel platform.

The company has a noble mission it wants to complete, but the Netflix blockade will not recognize that. After the streaming service had noticed that users were using the service to access US content, Netflix decided to take action. Hurricane Electric services are now blocked on the streaming site.

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