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Perfect Privacy VPN

Perfect Privacy VPN Review (August 2016)

Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy


6.0 /10


8.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10

Website Design

8.5 /10


  • No Logging
  • For all devices
  • 23 Countries
  • 1 Gbit/sec
  • All ports/protocols


  • Price
  • Only 39 Servers
  • Not so many servers

Perfect Privacy VPN has offices in Latvia and New Zealand. It was established in 2008, and to provide absolute privacy and anonymity to its users. In this age of cyber-crime, such a service is quite necessary, which is why the founders established Perfect Privacy to help people all over the world. It’s no coincidence that the name of their VPN service is Perfect Privacy. The service they offer is truly commendable.

We review Perfect Privacy today using some parameters.

Detailed Review

Website Design

A business website should provide the user all the information he or she needs and tell them about their service at a quick glance. Perfect Privacy is one of the few VPN vendors that does so. Their website is not overly decorated with animations or graphics, but it is not bland and tasteless either. It is quite neat in its design and all that you need to know about their VPN is displayed properly right on the home page. If you want in-depth detailing about anything then you can simply click on the links provided on their website.

Perfect Privacy Website

Website Navigation and User Friendliness

Perfect Privacy VPN’s website certainly grabbed our attention with its subtle yet captive designing and brief, to-the-point display of all the important information right on the homepage. We navigated to different sections of the website and did not find it lag at all. All the pages opened promptly, and each of the sections in the top menu of the homepage had sub-menus so that all the information is not cramped up in a single page. It allows for adding more information and not burden the user at the same time. The website load time and response time were as good as their overall website.

Number of VPN Servers

Perfect Privacy ServersPerfect Privacy has been in operation for close to a decade now, but they still have only around 40 servers across the world. This is quite low compared to other big names in the business, but the servers cover all the major areas of the world. Most of the servers are located in Europe, but other continents are fairly covered as well. The server count is low, but they are well spread over 23 countries of the world.

Security and Privacy

Perfect Privacy uses AES-256 bit encryption for users over the protocols they offer. They offer their own Tunnel manager as well as use hard coded certificates to allow for better protection of users. Perfect Privacy has its own DNS servers, which is always better from the user’s point of view. As for extra security features like VPN kill switch, Perfect Privacy does not offer that. However, they do offer VPN cascading, which allows you to use up to 4 VPNs on top of each other for multiple layers of security. The connection speed will drop as a result of added encryption, but it is still an attractive feature.

As for VPN logs, Perfect Privacy assures its users that no sort of activity logs are recorded, so there is no question of sharing or selling them to third parties. They don’t even record login times or IPs of the users.

Cross Platform Compatibility and Apps

Perfect Privacy CompatibilityPerfect Privacy supports all the major platforms. They have download managers for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems on their website which the users can download and use to install their service on their system. Perfect Privacy does not offer iOS or Android applications to users. They do provide setup instructions for both the platforms, though, which can be followed to use their service on those devices.

Supported Protocols

Perfect Privacy offers its users the choice between OpenVPN and IPSec. A proper description as well as the pros and cons of both the protocols are properly mentioned on the VPN protocols link. Both these are used with AES-256 bit encryption. Perfect Privacy also offers SSH2 tunnels, but these are only available on an application-by-application basis.


Perfect Privacy PricingWe were really impressed by their wide range of payment options and acceptance of Bitcoins. However, the pricing plans they offer discouraged us from rating them highly in this regard. Perfect Privacy VPN’s cheapest plan is priced at Euro 10.41 per month, and that is only if you subscribe to their service for 2 years at once. Their monthly plan is priced at Euro 16.49, which is quite expensive. The service they offer is really good, but at Euro 16.49 a month, it is way more expensive than what other VPN vendors charge their customers. Many of those vendors offer more servers and features as well. This is a big downside to using Perfect Privacy VPN.

Payment Methods

Perfect Privacy Payment OptionPerfect Privacy offers a plethora of payment options to users. Users have the option to choose from methods like UnionPay, LavaPay, OkPay, LiteCoin, in addition to the usual PayPal and major credit card provider transactions. They also allow users to make anonymous payments in the form of Bitcoins, which is always good to see in a VPN service.

Customer Support

Perfect Privacy does not offer an online chat support for users, but they offer good email, TeamViewer session for remote desktops, and contact form support. Response times are generally a couple of hours or so, and the responses are well crafted and to the point, but alas, this service is not on a 24/7/365 basis. The FAQ section on their website is properly divided between general, payment, and technical related questions, and covers all the basic doubts a user might have.


Perfect Privacy does not have a lot of servers around the world, but these servers offer some of the best connection speeds we have witnessed. Almost 3-4 seconds are required to connect any of their servers. Their service is ideal for people looking to access streaming services by bypassing geo-restrictions. The fact that they offer such high-speed connections together with strong encryption makes it truly praiseworthy. The result of the speed at 2MB internet connection is given below:

Perfect Privacy Speed

Availability of Blocked Websites

Perfect Privacy Unblock WebPerfect Privacy allows you to bypass geo-restriction and access most of the coveted blocked websites and services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. They throw in Squid HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies with their subscriptions as well.


The usage experience is good and connection speed and security are nice, which is what we desire most in any VPN. The one thing that really hurts a customer of Perfect Privacy is their high pricing. Other than that, there is nothing to be upset about when you use Perfect Privacy VPN.

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