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Netflix and Nord

Panama based company still uses VPN’s to cheat Netflix geo-block clampdown

A company based in Panama, called NordVPN, has revealed that it still manages to provide people with access to the Netflix United Service with the use of virtual private networks, months after Netflix started a program to block people from accessing services outside their country’s jurisdiction.

The company uses Virtual Private Network to circumvent the Netflix measures which block users in different countries to access content from the other countries. The company has mentioned the number of growing inquiries especially from New Zealand consumers since the ban began from Netflix.

Netflix can not show all the content in some certain countries probably because of copyright issues so the content in the UK would not necessarily be the same in maybe a country like Ukraine. Many people used to watch the United States content because it is more saturated than other country’s content. Users used Virtual Private Networks to watch the content.

Netflix, however, stepped up their geoblocking efforts and tried to remove the VPN users this year, in a move that was seen as a way to please the film and television industries they are in deals with. The move is also seen to be in effective, particularly in New Zealand as revealed by Sky Television spokeswoman, Kirsty Way. A poll of 66 people who responded showed that thirty-eight of them had had problems with accessing the US version after the block.

The NordVPN company spokeswoman, however, noted that the ban had not affected them yet. Jodi Myers, the spokeswoman, said “we would like to report that this is still the case. NordVPN still works with Netflix, and we have backup servers prepared in case there are issues.

The Netflix spokesman refused to comment saying that the use of VPN’s was against Netflix terms, and there was nothing to add.

This shows that people tend to turn to piracy when stricter measures like geoblocking are implemented by firms. Jodi Myers said, “Based on the number of inquiries and messages we have received from New Zealand; we can say that the number of users from New Zealand – and the rest of the world – has definitely increased since Netflix geo-blocking efforts.

The US content of Netflix has at least 90 percent more content than the other countries in the world.

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