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Hacking of Canadian Casino

Hacking of Canadian Casino Results in Theft of Financial Data

The Casino Rama Hotel in Ontario has been hit with a massive data breach attack that has resulted in the theft of personal data of customers and staff.

It seems that hacking has gone from being surreptitious to being done in the open and for everyone to see nowadays. Big targets lead to big publicity and widespread attraction, and hacking into a casino and stealing their data surely is one way to do it.

Casino Rama of Ontario, Canada, is the latest casino to be hit with a data breach attack in which the personal information of customers as well as staff members was stolen. This is the second time in recent memory that a casino has been hacked, with the Las Vegas based Sands Hotel and Casino being attacked in a similar fashion last year.

While the Iranian hackers who managed that feat simply erased the hard drives and other sensitive data crucial to the hotel, it is not sure as of now whether the hackers behind this Casino Rama breach would do something similar.

All hints point towards posting this content online, for the hackers are reported to have claimed that they have stolen the Casino’s financial information as well. What’s more, they claim to have plunged into the database and gotten their hands on the social security numbers and credit collection records way back from 2004.

A lot is unknown as of now, for the breach is quite recent and the authorities and the dust is still about to settle on this one. One thing that the Casino Rama Hotel higher echelons will be hoping for is that their slot machines are not compromised. The casino has about 2,500 slot machines, and if their worst is found to be true, then it could be a lot more disastrous for the Canadian hotel.

The only thing that is known at this moment is that the hackers no longer have access to the hotel network and database, but the entire scale of the damage is unknown. Casino Rama, which is known for hosting boxing matches, musical concerts, and the likes, will be hoping that this kind of publicity ends soon and never returns.

They are working with the authorities to find out how the hackers gained access to their database. The authorities cannot comment on whether the hackers will simply leak the content online or demand a ransom, but Casino Rama will be under severe fire from their customers.

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