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OnHub security used to fight off hackers by Google

OnHub security used to fight off hackers by Google

Last year Google released the OnHub device, a router which according to one expert was perfectly serviceable though priced higher than the competition. So what makes it okay for Google to price the device higher, that other routers does not have.

One security manager at Google, Chris Millikin, said that the device was a leader in industry security. Millikin was writing in his blog post which came out on Tuesday. If it is as he claims then it’s welcome news because most of the routers that are on the market are known to be vulnerable and easily exploitable by hackers for a bunch of reasons.

According to Millikin, Google has tried to address all these problems with its OnHub router. He explained that the security features encompassed on the router went far and beyond those that are found on the common routers.

In one interview with reporters, Millikin said that if the router could users safe and secure in their home or their networks, then the search giant would consider that a giant win. The OnHub router was introduced close to a year ago, but at that time Google did not clearly advertise the program as secure as they are now. Millikin said that the change had come because as of now Google had more real life time experience with their routers that they could now start to publicly flaunt the security features.

He said that the company was more confident now because they had seen it work in the real world, and having noticed the vulnerabilities and flaws, they were now more confident about the working of the router and its know-how. Yes, Google is bragging about fixing problems they found in their router device and fixing them.

Google tried to simplify the process of actually fixing the problems on the device by making the device receive automatic updates rather than making users automatically update the device. Millikin wrote in the blog post that when in most instances updates did not happen automatically than most people would not bother about it.

In the modern era of internet connected devices, finding flaws in them is a very complex process. Multiple chips made by different companies are that usually comprise the internet devices and the software is usually not written from scratch but rather the software will be taken from a variety of sources which represents many places that a hacker could use to break into a device.

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