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Betternet releases new portable VPN device named Betterspot

Betternet releases new portable VPN device named Betterspot

Some technology inventions and breakthroughs have made it easier for anyone anywhere to check what you have been browsing on the internet while at work. Everyone from your company to the government and hackers all have the means to check your browsing history. That is of course if the necessary precautions are not taken. Thankfully, services such as Betterspot are there and they can help you with the securement of your information and doings. The service is a portable VPN which empowers people to have protection whilst they are on the go, protecting them from potential threats.

Betterspot is being described as a router which is for all devices and platforms. The company noted that the device would be able to connect about 10 to 15 devices to the VPN silmutaneously through the Wifi and the Ethernet cable. Devices which can connect will include obviously smartphones, tablets, PCs which have the Windows system, MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phones and the Linux systems. Some smart connected devices such as TVs can also connect to the portable VPN.

Betterspot is an award winning service which was created by Betternet. It is one of the best VPN services which has about 45 million users globally, a huge chunk of the market thereby making it an authoritative figure in the market. The company had some user feedback which showed that they needed to make a portable VPN service device. In the feedback, users said they wanted more devices which would connect with the smart devices which had entered the market.

For all those who don’t understand what a VPN is, or rather how Betterspot would help in the business place or anywhere else, here are a few things about VPNs in general.

VPNs, which are short for Virtual Private Networks, have the ability to secure a connection of devices you are using by putting encryption on the data being sent and received at the same time. If users are outside the office, they will start using some public Wifi’s which means that the data will be insecure. Public Wifi’s are not highly recommended because of the lack of security, which means that businesses will be opened up to various security threats. This is where Betterspot comes in with the new portable device.

The Betterspot device is easy to use and there is no need for any software installation or device configuration. All traffic that goes through Betterspot will all be encrypted. As soon as a website is opened, then Betterspot starts working.

The Betterspot device weighs about 270g with a width and height of 2.3 cm and 8 cm respectively. There is one Micro USB port on it which is used to connect it to the charger and there are also two Ethernet ports. There is a wireless connection of about 2×2 802.11 /bgn.

Betterspot is currently trying to raise money through the Kickstarter campaign and they have already raised about $255,000, and they have 15 days to go.

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