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CloudFlare Snaps up Neumob to Expand into Mobile

CloudFlare Snaps up Neumob to Expand into Mobile

Cloudflare has set an ambitious goal of 200-million downloads of the VPN app by this same time next year.

Cloudflare’s notable acquisition of mobile VPN start-up, Neumob this week has sent ripples through the internet community. The purchase of Neumob will give Cloudflare the mobile performance tool it was lacking. It will also pave the way for the company to release its first direct consumer product. But, it has yet to reveal its purchase price.

Founded in 2015, Neumob has already raised close to $11-million. From the onset, it gave users a faster mobile VPN experience. It also promised users that the service would save battery life. It did this by reducing the requirement to keep pinging the network. Along with its achievements, Neumob also built an SDK which gave developers the ability to build those same advancements straight into their mobile apps.

The company then attracted the likes of Hotel Tonight and The Economist who used the software to significantly speed up their mobile applications. After creating the technology the start-up realized that it did, in fact, lack a network of sufficient size.

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince has said that by the company combining with Cloudflare it will have the missing network piece. He also said that there was a perfect synergy between the two companies. One would be able to provide sufficient network while the other will provide the technology. He added that this will allow the revolutionary technology to grow even faster.

Cloudflare currently has a network presence in 120 cities. And, it doesn’t plan to stop there. But the end of the first quarter 2018 the company hopes to reach a total of 150 cities. Neumob, on the other hand, was used by millions, but the networking costs overwhelmed them. According to Prince, Neumob had to pay for connectivity to various networks. He offered the start-up low network running costs.

Before the acquisition of Neumob, Cloudflare concentrated its efforts on providing its customers with faster, safer and more efficient internet connections. And, with the addition of Neumob, it will allow the company to expand their coverage to mobile. According to Prince, the deal was actually closed several weeks ago. And the Neumob team has since joined Cloudflare with the joint goal of optimizing both products on the Cloudflare network.

The official shut-down of the Neumob website will take place today, Wednesday, and their products will no longer be available to the public. The products will be re-released either later this year or at the beginning of 2018 when they will be launched under the Cloudflare brand. Cloudflare also plans to make the Neumob VPN and the SDK available to its business customers in the future.

Adding to its services the company will now also offer the VPN app for the iOS and Android app stores. But, this will only happen after it is released again. This will give Cloudflare it’s highly sought after first direct connection to consumers.

It still has to review its product pricing but it is believed that there will be a free product for its consumers. This will come with premium add-ons. Prince has said that the company set an ambitious goal of 200-million downloads of the VPN app by the same time next year. Founded in 2009, Cloudflare made a staggering $183-million. Neumob is the fourth acquisition by the company.

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