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ProtonMail is now available on the Dark Web, thanks to Tor

ProtonMail, the Swedish provider of encrypted email services, is now available on the dark web via the Tor anonymity service.

In a statement, the company said that its users will now be able to access it via the Tor network through a special URL address.

The co-founder of the company, Andy Yen, said that ProtonMail had been committed to helping individuals bypass any form of restrictions that governments may impose as well as the threat that hackers pose to everybody.

‘Given that Tor has been built to bypass specific types of Internet blockades, it is the best starting point in our quest to help our clients bypass any form of restrictions in the future,’ he said in a statement.

Tor is a special type of anonymity service that lets websites and individuals remain available on the dark web only.

For people to access any website via the Tor service, they have to install the entire Tor software on their devices as the first measure.

So far, hackers are yet to breach the security features of Tor, and this makes it one of the most loved anonymity services.

A large number of the users of the service comprises of journalists who are accessing and sharing highly sensitive information, researchers accessing classified information and other individuals who are interested in safeguarding their online privacy.

Some people have been known to use Tor as a means of remaining anonymous when they are online and bypassing restrictions that governments and websites place on particular types of online content.

On the other hand, ProtonMail is one of the most common encrypted email service providers currently operating in the market. The service, which was started only a few years ago, now boasts of a client base of more than 2 million people.

Many individuals are highly concerned with the need to encrypt their email messages have been using ProtonMail as the preferred mode of communicating via email.

It appears that the decision of the company to use Tor was informed by recent developments in the world. It has been said that the firm is concerned with the rising trend in the world in which different governments are adopting regulations that may easily be used to stifle the privacy rights of individuals. It has been said that the passage of the Snoopers’ Charter in the UK and similar pieces of legislations in other countries in the world in the recent past is the main reason as to why the company decided to use the Tor service to enhance the level of security in its service.

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