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DayZ Forums Compromised, 200,000+ User Details Hacked

DayZ Forums Compromised, 200,000+ User Details Hacked

Released on Microsoft Windows and developed by Bohemia Interactive, ‘DayZ’ is an open world game, which places the user in a make belief post-Soviet state called Chernarus, where the population has been inflicted by a mysterious plague that is creating zombies out of them.

Based on the strategies of survival, the player here guides himself through the world searching for food, water, and helpful drugs, in a world infested by zombies. ‘DayZ’, although a relatively new game is something that has achieved quite some amount of popularity within the realm of hard-core gamers.

So, the news that spread on online forums, that the Saudi Arabian group of hackers has been able to infiltrate into their security system, came as a rude shock to many. A screenshot on their Tumblr account acquainted users with the fact that the ‘Our Mine’ hacking crew has gained access to the official details of over 2 lakh users.

For those who aren’t aware of the “Our Mine’ group of hackers, they should know that this Saudi Arabian group is relatively new to the world of hacking but have been taking progressive to make their presence felt in it.

As soon as the hack took place, the development team of DayZ took a responsible step of informing the users of this breach of confidential security information. They took to Twitter to confirm that “an outside security breach of” their forums had occurred and advised the users to play it safe by “changing the passwords”.

The group of hackers too left an imprint of their notoriety on the users’ forum.

After a preliminary investigation done by the forum’s admins, the data breaches were linked to their databases. Thus, they took an immediate step to ask their users to alter their respective passwords, especially those who used similar words for both usernames and passwords.

Usernames, emails and hashed passwords were the things that were reported to have been stolen The announcement made by the admins’ team also mentioned that they had already started working to alter their forums’ inbuilt login system with significant changes in authentication, thereby ensuring greater rigidity and security.

The IPBoard bulletin board software that they previously used had serious problems with its mode of operation. DayZ. All this while had been using the 3.4.8 or 3.4.9 version which lagged behind the 4.x version which was the most modern one.

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