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DomainTools has created a new security solution which will help with fighting potentially dangerous domains

DomainTools has created a new security solution which will help with fighting potentially dangerous domains

The DNS based and domain name cyber threat intelligence company, Domain Tools, is starting a new security solution which will prevent phishing attacks by identifying the potentially dangerous domain names. The security solution will be known as PhishEye, and it is said it was designed to be able to automate the process of identifying the look-alike domains which would mean they would spoof the brand, the product and/or the organization names.

The new service will also be powered by the DomainTools domain name discovery and profiling systems. PhishEye will be able to help security teams across the globe and also identify the domain based threats and then also proactively defend the networks against which the future phishing attacks would be made.

The phishing leverages some deceptive domain names which would be created in a way that the victims would then not immediately notice the legitimacy of the domain names. The PhishEye service will be used to help the various organizations so that they could better help with fighting the malicious domains, which is one of the tasks which is usually performed by the means of custom tools which would be built by the security teams themselves, as Domain Tools says.

PhishEye will also make use of a typo and substring matching algorithm which would be compounded by the DomainTools proprietary Domain Reputation Engine and the automation of discovery and potentially malicious domains. The solution for these would be to find and alert the domains right after they are registered.

The domains which will be discovered can then be entered in the spam filters, firewalls, and various other security teams which would mean that they would deliver the protection against the phishing attacks. The company also said that they could also be sent to the DomainTools Iris for further investigation and attribution.

The new solution for anti-phishing would also go a long way in helping with the feeling of proactive protection and the identification of nefarious domains before they could also cause any harm. The solution is also expected to go a long way to help companies mitigate and prevent any brand damage which would be caused by various illegitimate domains. Companies incur various losses every year due to phishing emails because crooks can create a spoof email address and create deceptive links rather easily. The Anti-Phishing Working Group also notes that the number of unique phishing sites which were seen in the second quarter of 2016 rose by 61 percent and was three times higher than for the fourth quarter of 2015.

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