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Voxer Introduces Encrypted Messaging App

Voxer Introduces Encrypted Messaging App

Voxer has added a new feature that is end-to-end encrypted, ‘private chats’ to their Android and iOS applications.

Announcing the changes, the CEO of the company, Irv Remedios, stated that Voxer is focused on providing lasting solutions to the problems that its customers have been facing when sending and receiving messages using platforms that lack the end-to-end form of encryption.

According to the company, from now henceforth, people who choose to use this feature will have their communication locked with encryption keys only accessible to them so that even the service providers have no access to their voice messages and chats, as well as media and documents, shared.

Presently made for only one-on-one conversations, this feature is created by Open Whispers’ System using the different vendor, Signal Protocol. Signal Protocol is being employed by WhatsApp too.

All private chat content is erased once the user logs out. The Voxer CEO indicated that this is the reason for restricting end-to-end encryption to the private chats.

“Many businesses and consumers rely on message history using multiple devices — being able to find older messages even after logging out or out on mobile and desktop,’ he said.

It is expected that the introduction of this form of encryption will change the situation and allow users to communicate using more secure methods, according to the company. And in a move that indicates the intention to expand this service, the company has said that it is planning to introduce group chat e2e encryption soon.

What differentiates Voxer from other messaging applications is its live voice messaging feature, which enables users to stream voice messages, even while the sender is recording them. These voice messages are also saved, and users can check them later thus making it one of the most convenient services on the market.

To many, the features of the service help to send quick messages, where the user may not be able to send texts.

‘Most of our messages are quick, with many of our voice messages taking only 10 seconds or less to reach their destination,’ the CEO added.

It also appears that many businesses find the Voxer service useful.

‘About 60% of messages sent through our app are voice (messages), and this could be up to 80% for business users,’ the CEO added.

The app is currently a free download. However, the company aims to get financial rewards from those who use it for businesses that demand fast delivery such as home delivery services.

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