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TunnelBear releases new app updates and say it's now 60 percent faster

TunnelBear releases new app updates and say it’s now 60 percent faster

Virtual Private Networks have been a contentious issue since they got introduced and the issue was escalated even further when streaming sites decided to ban the use of VPNs. However, the development of VPNs has not stopped and more and more are being released and updated each and every day.

Popular Virtual Private Network provider, TunnelBear has released its own handful of updates which are designed to help with the desktop apps with more emphasis on improving the focus on the looks, speed and the security of the apps. The new updates are available for the Mac and Windows users, and there are some striking new features for the apps.

One of the most striking features of the updates is that the apps no longer have the retro wood look they once had and have made improvements to keep up with the new Mac OS Sierra and the Windows 10.

TunnelBear also notes that they have made the new app connect and reconnect at least 60 times faster than the older app. If the news is true as the company claims, then it’s a welcome update because the old app used to take its time when loading pages.

However, most times people use VPNs they want their data to be safe and secure rather than the speed of the VPN, and TunnelBear assuages any consumer fears that their data may be at risk. The company noted that they do have some tricks up their sleeves for such customers.

To start it all of, there is a new Trusted Network feature on the new app. The Trusted Network feature gives app users the chance to add several Wifi networks, including their own home network to a safe whitelist, and after that TunnelBear will automatically turn itself on when other networks not whitelisted are connected to.

This new feature will likely be well received by TunnelBear fans who have been advocating for such a feature lately. The move will clearly save time and it also means negligence such as forgetting to activate the VPN for a less secure Wifi network will be reduced.

TunnelBear will also start signaling to the clients when the Wifi network they are connected starts dropping in security and becomes obsolete, maybe when the WEP security algorithm is in use or the router has no password. Another new feature from the updates is that even when the Wifi starts to drop for any reason, TunnelBear will continue to work and blocking the traffic that they think is unsafe as the device continues to reestablish connection with the network. On the older app, once the network dropped, there was a time it would switch off as the network reconnected.

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