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Trumps Relationship with Media Revealed to be Cosy

Trumps Relationship with Media Revealed to be Cosy

Anonymous, the hacktivist group has hacked Donald Trump’s voicemail and leaked messages from 2012 which reveal how the liberal media is supporting the Republican presidential hopeful.

In recordings published by Gawker, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Tamron Hall were part of the of the people that were in Donald Trump’s voicemail and showed a correspondence of 21 messages between these people and the billionaire. The media outlet, MSNBC, however said independently they could not authenticate the messages but that in that context the messages did appear to be genuine.

In the messages published so far, in one of them you can hear Scarborough saying, “We are so grateful for everything, Donald, and we just want to call you and tell you how much it means to us.” This was believed to be in turn a thank you for some charitable donations that Mr Trump had given. Mr Scarborough is believed to have confirmed that the messages were real due to the series of tweets he posted on popular social media network Twitter. In one of the he posted: “Oh my God. I just read the transcripts! Trump must have contributed to a children’s charity. Scandalous!!!”

Another leaked audio from an MSNBC interview back in February also showed how Trump had instructed Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski to “make us all look good” in the Republican debate they were about to hold at that time. He also mentioned that the reporters were not supposed to ask about anything hard and Mika Brzezinski is believed to have brought up the issue of whether to bring up the immigration matter or not.

The three reporters from the media company had been given the onus to interview Trump as he bids to become the Republican presidential candidate. These latest allegations makes us ask the question of whether the media is really doing what it can to put Trump in power and shows the objectiveness of journalists towards the billionaire.

Trump has also spoken highly before of the three reporters with Scarborough in particular being said to be, “A great guy, and he has a great show… and we have a lot of fun, Joe’s doing well. You know he is making money for the first time in his life, really making some pretty good money.” Trump told Howie Carr a talk radio host who remembered the glowing praise Trump had heaped on Scarborough.

Anonymous the hacktivist group has declared a war against Trump for his views against Muslims which he made in December. Trump said that he would look to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. Anonymous started a petition that aimed to ban Trump from getting into the UK which garnered half a million signatures. They also had one of his websites for Trump Tower was taken down.

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