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Trump Trashes Claims of Russian Involvement in Election Hacks

The US president-elect, Donald Trump has rubbished the most recent claims that Russia might have been directly involved in the election hacks that happened during the recently concluded US election. Through a statement, the Trump transition team said that claims that Russia might have directly aided Trump to win the presidential race by selectively leaking email secrets of Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks are unfounded. The statement further added that it is in bad faith to bring up fresh claims at this moment when the election was conclusively won a long time ago.

The statement comes at a time when there have been growing calls for security agencies to dig deeper into the election-related hacks. The Democrat’s Congressional group has called for the federal government to conduct detailed investigations into the hacking.

Elsewhere, two members of the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a detailed statement alleging that Russian-backed hackers had actively influenced the outcome of the election. The sensational claims by Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff were the second in a series of increasing calls for the Obama administration to unravel the claims that Moscow may have directly and actively influenced the election to the benefit of Trump.

And in a rare show, White House issued a statement saying that the president is asking investigative agencies to conduct fresh investigations to the claims. Erick Schultz, the White House spokesperson, said that President Obama had ordered a new and detailed investigation into the hacking episodes that happened in the course of the recently concluded election period in the country.

Series of Hacks

The calls for fresh investigations are based on the widely-held belief that Russia helped Donald Trump to win the elections by giving to WikiLeaks leaks about Hillary Clinton. Weeks to the elections, WikiLeaks started publishing reports related to Hillary Clinton’s infamous email scandals, much to the detriment of the Clinton campaign.

It is in light of the outcome of the elections that leading Democrats are calling for fresh investigations into the possibility of a foreign power having influenced the elections.

The recent calls shall be seen within the context of earlier hacking incidents. During the 2008 elections, it was reported that Chinese hackers had managed to access secret documents of the top advisors of the contenders of the time, Barrack Obama and John McCain.

As recently as 2012, hackers managed to access the personal email account of Mitt Romney, who was the Republican’s presidential candidate.

Make Findings Public

Given the possible findings of the report, it is unclear whether the Obama administration will make it public. On the one hand, Trump has categorically denied any possibility that Russia may have successfully influenced the elections.

On the other hand, there are growing demands from the other side for the Obama administration to not only dig to the bottom of the matter but also make the findings public.

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