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Opera has new standout features that make it a rival to other browsers

Opera starts becoming aggressive with adverts as they try to pay for their servers

Virtual Private Networks have come in and saved so many people’s lives recently. Journalists prefer them because they do not have to fear anyone when they go about with their lives and do research that might be hazardous to their lives.

People in restrictive regimes also prefer using VPNs because it gives them a wider range of options and they can bypass any restrictions that might be put forward by their respective governments. Virtual Private Networks are also best to use with some unprotected and public Wifi hotspots as it goes a long way in anonymizing your data and making it safe in the process.

That is why when Opera announced that they were introducing a new VPN service on their browsers, the news was greeted well by users. The browser was released for the iPhone and Android devices. The browser has been on the Android feature for some time now. The service on the Android feature has allowed users to be able to save their data when they go on services such as YouTube and Netflix.

The service of data saving works after the device goes and connects to the Opera Max VPN. The browser will then go and compress the data that is used on the Netflix streams and the YouTube videos before they can get to the device. The end result is of course the fact that your data usage will be lowered.

However, the act of using VPNs makes use of servers and servers themselves use a lot of money. Opera Max has been trying to bridge this gap by including ads and links to various sponsored apps so that they can be able to pay for servers they use in offering the VPN service. The move was okay at first but now Max has now started to become aggressive in their approach to get money. The app has now started to work only at times when there is some data left in the phone and in cases where it finishes, the app will prompt the user to add some more time.

The issue of adding time does not cost anything in particular, but there will be an ad unit added to the confirmation screen. The issue of the confirmation screen is thought to be an attempt by Opera to bridge the gap and be able to generate more of some ad impressions, and in the process they are increasing the revenue which they get from the app.

If you are using the Opera Max app for privacy then it might be time to look for other alternatives.

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