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Why Opera VPN and Ad-block are necessary

Opera’s VPN service now open to the public

Back in April, Opera announced its plans to add free unlimited VPN to the developer edition of the browser. And as anything that has been sampled in developer mode, it has to come to the stable and public version. The Opera free unlimited VPN has now come to the Opera 41 desktop browser.

Opera is offering a free VPN service for its users so that they can surf the internet anonymously. The service is free, will come pre-installed into the browser and also offers unlimited surfing ability. Usual common restrictions such as bandwidth which are on other VPN services are not on the Opera one. However, the locations to choose where to appear from, (the VPN endpoint) is kind of limited.

Virtual Private Networks are services which offer secure, unencrypted link between a computer and the remote server. Opera will be using the 256-bit AES encrypted connection. Other than just connection, the use of VPNs is also needed for its bypass of geo restrictions on internet available content.

Choosing a foreign end-point, means the person will be read as in that country by the device, which means they can get all the content available in that country. This reason is the main one why people want to use the technology on streaming sites such as Netflix.

To get the Opera VPN service working on your device, users have to ensure that they have the latest version of the browser in the first place. After that, users can go to the address bar where they are supposed to see the VPN icon in the address bar. If not, they can go to the Settings option, where they can toggle the VPN option on and off. Now the VPN icon will be available on the address bar, and users have to click on it to reveal all the settings on it.

As you look through the options, information such as data transferred this month will be available. The VPN service has a list of five countries as an option for the location endpoint including, Canada, Singapore, Germany.

Another option called the Optimal endpoint is also available which gives Opera to select the VPN endpoint, and all this would be based on the network speed, latency, location and the server capacity. In most cases after switching on the VPN service, the bandwidth dropped. Tests measured for sites with and without Opera VPN loaded showed that the performance was routinely affected by the round trip distance.

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