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AT&T to Provide VPN Services for NASA’s Deep Space Network

AT&T to Provide VPN Services for NASA’s Deep Space Network

AT&T is set to provide VPN services to protect NASA’s Deep Space Network. According to sources, NASA has been in talks with the telecommunications giant to help develop custom-made solutions for the vast network of communication equipment that NASA has in several countries.

According to Mike Leff, who is the Vice President of AT&T, the company has the necessary expertise to help NASA protect its vast network of telecommunication equipment. Speaking to the press, Mr Leff said that the level of importance that NASA places on its communication equipment and systems means that AT&T is obliged to offer it the best services.

NASA maintains a vast network of communication equipment in parts of the United States, Australia and other countries in the world. The communication equipment provides a highly sophisticated system that the agency uses to maintain its vast space programs.

The strategic location of the communication equipment helps the agency to successfully track its entire spacecraft, regardless of the relative position of the crafts to the earth at any given time as a result of relativity. It is based on the close and complicated nature of the network that NASA needs a secure VPN connection to safeguard the communication and ensure that it can send and receive telemetry data at very high speeds.

According to Leff, the project of installing the VPN has been taking place in stages. The first stage of the process was completed back in summer while the second phase has been completed during the past month.

Experts agree that NASA needs a VPN connection to secure its highly complicated network and communications. Ezra Gotthiel of Technology Business Research says that NASA has been in need of a VPN connection for a long time. He says that the nature of the network of the agency make it necessary for it to use a VPN.

The NASA networks usually cover vast distances but only incorporate a few connection points. This nature of the networks means that NASA needs a VPN service to keep its communications safe.

Other observers point out that since NASA networks contain a lot of very critical information, it is easy for hackers to target the system to steal the data. Hence, the agency needs a VPN solution that not only guarantees the safety of its data but also enables it conducts its communications at high speeds.

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