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Windows Phones to get a VPN-based ad blocker

Adguard: Windows Phones to get a VPN-based ad blocker

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile smartphone currently does not support browser extensions. Users cannot use ad block extensions to smoothen browsing and reduce data consumption. The company will introduce the browser extensions in their smartphone OS at some point but for the moment, users have to bear with Microsoft.

Microsoft trails both iOS and Android on many aspects. Both of these leaders in the smartphone business have content blockers that allow users to remove ads from websites. Fortunately for Windows users, Adguard is considering them. Adguard provides ad block extensions to most web browsers. The company provides Android and iOS users with a VPN-based ad blocking service that filters web content for ads. The app works like the browser extension.

Currently, Microsoft is hoping Project Islandwood goes through. Project Islandwood will allow developers to bring the iOS apps to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Adguard smartphone solution will be available to Windows Mobile once the project is successful.

Adguard is currently not able to connect its app with Project Islandwood. The ad blocker is currently assessing the Android version of the app for clues to release the Windows 10 Mobile app.

“I did extensive research on the issue, and there is hope after all. Just like we did for Android, we can create a local VPN server virtually. The virtual VPN server will filter the web traffic system wide,” a staff member of Adguard says in the Adguard forum.

Adguard acknowledges that this approach could not be successful. The method requires special provisions by the Microsoft developer account. Adguard cannot promise anything at the moment, but the company is the only hope Windows Mobile users have at the moment.

Windows Mobile may only support browser extensions in 2017 after Microsoft releases an update of Windows 10 Redstone. Tech analysts hope that Microsoft will focus on mobile devices in their new update. Browser extensions are essential in browsers, even mobile browsers. For the moment, Windows Mobile users can only hope Adguard comes up with a solution soon.

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