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Senior Apple Engineers more threatened by hackers than the government

Senior Apple Engineers more threatened by hackers than the government

Even though Apple has been embroiled in court cases with the Department of Justice lately, the company is not prioritizing that threat yet, and rather they aim to counter a different one when they introduce new security functions for iOS devices.

Apple security engineers feel that the government’s intrusion into one of the Apple devices is not their primary concern. Their own stimulus is creating security software is fending off hackers rather than worrying about the government’s intrusion. The senior engineers also said the recent spat with the Department of Justice was not to impede a terrorist investigation but rather a defending its (Apple) own ability to protect users against non-governmental threats.

It shows that hackers and not the government are Apple’s primary concern, and that is what they aim to remove when they beef up their security systems. Apple engineers do not want to be seen as government adversaries. When Apple release an iOS update, hackers, whether white hat, grey hat or batshit evil, all try to break the system to discover previously unknown security flaws which can then be exploited to give access to the Apple devices. Apple on its part continually works to remove any flaws that might be submitted or ones they notice themselves in a never ending race.

Reporters were given more explanations by the security engineers about the work that goes into protecting data. They highlighted factors such as the two-factor authentication system, end-to-end encryption for iMessage, Touch-ID, and Secure Enclave.

The Secure Enclave is a feature that was built into devices which feature the A7 chip. It is its own chip, with its own boot and updates separately from the application processor. It stores encryption keys directly on the chip. Since the iOS 8, Apple stopped storing encryption keys meaning they cannot intercept any of the users messages.

The engineers deny allegations that the encryption system only enhances cyber crime, saying the measure is necessary to protect user data from any rogue elements. Apple bosses also claim that even if the encryption system of its devices were weak, many cyber criminals would still be tech savvy enough to find a way to use personal data and information to their own sinister use.

Apple told reporters that it had revamped its security teams, in a bid to strengthen their security systems, amidst all the court fighting between the company and the Department of Justice.

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