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Opera has new standout features that make it a rival to other browsers

Opera Adds, ‘VIP Mode’ to its Popular Browser

Opera Software has introduced a new feature to its free VPN for Android service, Opera Max. While announcing the new changes, the company said that the new feature, which is based on a clever display of ads on the screen of your phone, offers the ever growing number of Opera Max users a wonderful option of how to use the service.

The new development comes at a time when Opera Max has been undergoing unprecedented growth concerning the number of its active users. Back in May this year, the company announced that 10 million new users had adopted the use of the Android-based VPN service. Currently, the company says that the number of active users of Opera Max stands at 50 million, indicating that this is one of the most active Android-based VPN services on the market.

However, the growth in the number of people who are actively using the service has been mostly affected by the changing nature of the product over the course of time. In a bid to address client concerns and grow the number of active users, Opera Software has repeatedly been tweaking with the features of the product over time.

Back in November, the company changed the features of the service to a real-time mode. For clients to use the service continuously, they had to add time to the limited twelve-hour maximum time that the company allocated to them at default.  Clients had to visit a particular page to add more hours to their allocations to continue using the service.

But observers were quick to point out that this new feature of the service only worked to increase the revenue that the company was collecting from advertisements. To add time to their quota, users had to visit a particular page. Interestingly, the number of ads on the page swelled immediately the company announced the new feature.

It appears that the new VIP mode is meant to deal with the problems that the real time mode created. First, it is highly likely that many clients did not like the real-time mode because they were at the mercy of the advertisers without any option.

The new VIP mode addresses specifically deal with this problem of the need for clients to get additional time without necessarily having to go through the pain of visiting the ‘add time’ page. Now, customers can opt for the VIP mode which has unlimited time allocations. In return, Opera Software displays an advertisement on the screen of the phones of users when the phone is charging.

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