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Netflix faces pressure to remove VPN ban from privacy activists

Nearly fifty percent of people would pay for premium Netflix services

A recently released survey by OnePoll which had been commissioned by the comparison site, CompariTech, showed that nearly half of non-US respondents would be willing to pay premium prices to get the US restricted content.

From the survey, 43 percent of people surveyed also noted that it was wrong for Netflix to stop people who used VPNs to circumvent the geo restriction block which the site put into place. Netflix started actively blocking the access of US content through VPNs from its site from the beginning of the year, which has resulted in a ping pong battle between VPN providers and Netflix. At the moment, VPN providers have been winning since there are still some VONs which offer the premium content.

The news that users would be willing to pay the company for premium access is not entirely surprising since most of them still pay for the VPN access on top of their regular Netflix subscriptions.

Netflix recently saw a drop in the number of subscribers to the service and the reason to block VPN users on the site was cited as one of the main reasons why the numbers have dropped. Even though Netflix numbers have dropped, the worldwide demand for the Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) has been increasing lately.

Countries such as Australia have seen a rise in the number of people excited and dependent on these type of services with Netflix having likely driven that passion. More Australians are now using the SVoD services more than they use the cable services such as the Foxtel. Most local services in the country such as Stan and Presto have been suffering against the global heavyweights such as Netflix.

However, even though Australia has adopted the SVoD platform with gusto, it still lags behind other countries such as the UK, Canada and the US. One survey taken in the US showed of the Internet users in the country, 61 percent of them subscribed to the SVoD service, a high number when compared to the UK which is at 33 percent and 28 percent for Australia. The US has close to 82 million of these subscribers when compared to Australia’s 5.6 million.

There has been some fierce competition in the field and the battle for differentiation has been paramount. Therefore, Netflix will unlikely listen to users who say they need US content. Market analysts believe that Netflix will invest additional $1 billion for its own shows rather than finance licensing deals to get content.

The move will clearly increase the chances that users will continue streaming illegally and it might even increase. Despite some shut down of pirate sites of late, some sites have seen spikes in their user base.

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