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Hospital Industry Gets Security Boost As CyberGhost VPN creates Safe WiFi Channel Program

Hospital Industry Gets Security Boost As CyberGhost VPN creates Safe WiFi Channel Program

One of the creators of the most advanced privacy and security solutions, CyberGhost VPN, is announcing a new security program that will be available to the Hospital Industry. The program will look at encouraging partnerships and any business development which would bring back the conventional brick and mortar methods and also with cutting edge technology.

CyberGhost will offer all the organization in the Hospital Industry a pathway to a risk-free revenue which will be gained through the sale of digital products. The program will not only be limited to the Hospital industry however as Hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, and pubs can also join the program from anywhere in the world. Any interested partners can discover some custom made materials which will be made available to their respective locations.

Another way that prospective and interested parties could also enter the program would be through the CyberGhost WiFi Protection Technology which would mean it generates a new custom Landing Page every time new guests will connect to the location hot spot.

The CyberGhost VPN products are pretty easy to promote and sell, and they also offer various benefits for their customers and travelers including security for both the free and paid Wifi connections. Clients can also access data and content from anywhere in the world, and also have a cost reduction thanks to the mobile data compression, which will be very useful when customers are on roaming.

Mihai Enache, Marketing Director at CyberGhost VPN, said that the company had developed a safe and secure Wifi program which would be used better to facilitate a good collaboration between the two selling platforms, (online and offline). And since the company shares a common customer pool, the program is an excellent collaboration platform for the two sides as they will both benefit from the infrastructures which will be already available.

CyberGhost is encouraging all hospitals in the industry to join the program and be able to channel in income regardless of the stature of the hospital. The service already has 8.5 million subscribers, so much more are encouraged.

CyberGhost VPN is partnering with the international group Lagardere Travel Retail offering CyberGhost products in the eight stores which are all located at the major airports in Romania. The program has been made available for all the small and large businesses which are located across the globe.

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