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Enabling the VPN service on your router to stay secure on the go

Enabling the VPN service on your router to stay secure on the go

Public hotspots have become one of the most vulnerable points in a person’s life. Accessing the internet on a public hotspot is one the riskiest things to do in the modern technology era. When you use these kinds of connections, someone might just be able to intercept your traffic and steal and see the sensitive information which you are sending at that time. Sensitive information might include passwords and credit cards information.

There have been many ways invented that have been said to be useful means of addressing the situation at hand. A pretty simple way to make sure you are secure online and your data is encrypted to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

In one blog, Kirk McElhearn offers a very comprehensive guide to which you can use your router at home and convert to your own VPN when you are constantly on the move. Firstly before anything you need a router with built in VPN software in it. Some routers provide this option, and it is cost effective to buy one because you do not have to waste time using third party VPN services after buying these kinds of routers.

There are some steps, necessary steps that are needed to set up the VPN-enabled reporter.

A dynamic DNS service is required to ensure that the device being used can locate the routers VPN service without problem. This is an important part especially if the Internet Service Provider uses dynamic IP addresses which change every time you reset the router.

Another thing you need to do is to download an external app called OpenVPN which helps you to connect to the VPN via your smartphone. The app is available both on the iOS and Android markets.

OpenVPN can also be set on the Mac OSX version. It gives you an option to download an app called Tunnelblick which then helps you create an OpenVPN configuration.

This is enough knowledge to know what to do and how to set up a VPN-enabled router. A follow up on McElhearn’s blog is suggested so as to understand better if any complications arise.

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