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AntiVirus company F-Secure joins incident response field

AntiVirus company F-Secure joins incident response field

Security innovation has to improve every day continually because of the dangers that people increasingly face. As such security in the tech industry is shifting from perimeter protection to network detection as people try to get a foot in front before they suffer any security breaches.

Antivirus defenses are no longer enough when on a computer and the antivirus industry itself has come out to assert that security networks now require players for them to be functional. As such, one Antivirus software provider has decided to encompass all security layers required into one product and offered it to people. It has decided to make its incident and detection service.

F-Secure revealed the news in an announcement and said that the Rapid Detection Service would be sufficient for all. The service makes use of both human and machine knowledge to give the defense mechanism on the market, the company claims. The result is an intrusion and detection service that is ready to act as soon as it is installed.

The machine part of the service comes from the fact that it can harvest event and activity data from the device you are using. This data is then to the company’s Rapid Detection Center, which is used for threat intelligence purposes and also to analyze the behavior of the systems where the data has been collected from. If there are unwanted intrusions or anomalies in the system, the F-Secure team is alerted and immediately get into action to start a response. This is the human intelligence part of the system. Within 30 minutes of the anomaly detection, a customer gets a notification and an offer to get assistance to deal with the problem.

The move is good for the Antivirus company, especially since they have been dormant as rival companies have been venturing into the incident response mechanism. The antivirus industry already has the foundations to help fight off security breaches in place. It has more experience in threats than any other tech industry and already has a global intelligence network. They also understand hacker behaviors together with knowledge of most malware on the market.

The director of advanced threat production at F-Secure said that the company had a history of building up artificial intelligence based systems. The director, Marko Finning, said the company had begun the process a decade ago. The work also entails being able to track and look for malware which he claims they can now do. He also boasted that they had a new algorithm which could be used to detect any anomalies without any problems.

The company is also investing on the human intelligence side of its system. As one of the cybersecurity advisors, Erika Koivunen said, attackers are human therefore human help was also needed to help with detecting anomalies. The company’s security team can put themselves in the shoes of the hacker and be able to act like them to think forward. Human intelligence is also there to help in eliminating false positives which are nothing but a waste of time and resources.

The data that the company collects is metadata, and the company also says there is no collection of private and confidential data. This is important especially in Europe after the implementation of the European data protection laws. Finding told reporters that they had managed to test the system with 40 different organizations, and any privacy fears had been allayed during the discussions.

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