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ABC Fingers China In CyberAttack On Australia

ABC Fingers China In Cyber-Attack On Australia

The Bureau of Metereology, Australia has been hit by a huge cyber-attack. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has accused China of the attack, claiming that sensitive Australian national security data may have been compromised by the attack.

The Australian Department of Defence is reportedly connected to the massive supercomputers at the Bureau, so access can be gained through them.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) insists that China is responsible for the breach. In the past, China has been blamed for the incidents of hacking computer systems belonging to the Australian government.

The US government also implicated China in a similar incident in June hacking into the records of about four million past and current government workers. Regularly, China is charged as hacking into online businesses to gain an edge over the competition in business matters, because of its very advanced computing technology.

China, on its part, has firmly refuted all the accusations as untrue and groundless. The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying said that the charges were simply baseless speculations. She declared that cyber-attack is against government policy, and all the affected nations should allow open dialogue to seek solutions to the recurrent problem.

China’s denials notwithstanding, they have been penalized on occasion. In 2013, the China’s Huawei was restricted from joining the bidding for Australia’s National Broadband Network.

Australian Government Department of DefenceConcerning this particular incident, all the government department involved have declined to comment. The Bureau of Meteorology said that its computers were back at work fully, but the statement on their website said it was a security matter, so it had no comment.

The Australian Department of Defence and the Australian Federal Police also had no comment, the Department of Defence stated that it could not make comments on incidents that have to do with cyber-security.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporations has no such hindrances, so it has commented freely on the said incident. It has firmly fingered China.

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