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Security Analysis of Top VPN Providers

In this article we (FindVPN.com team) would like to tell the study which was focused on security of Personal VPN Service Providers. It is a well known fact that hackers quite often sniff public Wi-Fi hotspots and eavesdrop (perform MITM atttack) Internet traffic, and moreover they are capable to collect confidential information from unprotected laptops, tablets, smartphones which are connected to these public Wi-Fi hotspots. The attack is called “Man in the Middle” or MITM  and it is very dangerous, because in some circumstances the attacker is able to capture encrypted data transferred over HTTPS tunnels. The success of an MITM attack depends on multiple factors, one of them is improperly configured web server.  The attacker could exploit weakly configured SSL/TLS protocols and possibly intercept and decrypt over a secure connection. The only way to protect from an MITM attack is proper configuration of the webserver and Web Application Firewall (WAF).


Study Methodology

For the study we enumerated all known to us (as of December 23, 2015) Personal VPN Service providers and performed free SSL tests. Each VPN Service website was tested with free online “SSL Server Test” tools: one is High-Tech Bridge and the other is Qualsys.

Results of our study are provided in the table below, and scores rank from F to A+. Where F is the lowest score and A+ is the highest. Separate article about Worst VPN Providers will be provided later this month.

Provider URL HTB Qualsys
VPNLand Visit A+ A
StrongVPN Visit A+ A
TunnelBear Visit A+ A
PureVPN Visit A+ A
Private Internet Access Visit A+ A
ExpressVPN Visit A+ A+
ibVPN Visit F F
HideMyAss Visit A+ B
VyprVPN Visit A+ A
NordVPN Visit A+ A
VPN.AC Visit A+ A+
CactusVPN Visit F F
SwitchVPN Visit B C
Kepard Visit A A
VPN.S Visit A+ A
Hide.Me Visit A+ A+
LeVPN Visit A+ A
Internetz.me Visit A+ A+
VPN Area Visit B B
Astrill VPN https://www.astrill.com/ A+ A-
Proxpn www.proxpn.com A- B
Boxpn www.boxpn.com A+ A
IronSocket www.ironsocket.com A+ A
VPNGate www.vpngate.com F T
CyberGhost www.cyberghost.com No SSL No SSL
LiquidVPN www.liquidvpn.com A+ A
TorGuard https://torguard.net/ A+ A
F-Secure Freedom https:// www . f - secure . com / A- B
PerfectPrivacy https://www.perfect-privacy.com A+ A+
OverPlay www.overplay.net A+ C
BlackVPN www.blackvpn.com A+ A
VPN.ASIA www.vpn.asia A- C
ZPN https://zpn.im/ A+ A-
SlickVPN www.slickvpn.com A+ A
iPredator www.ipredator.se A+ A+
VPNUnlimited https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/ A+ A+
VPN Shield https://www. vpnshield app.com/ A- B
WiTopia www.witopia.com timeout timeout
PrivateVPN www.privatevpn.com A+ A
EarthVPN Visit A A
Buffered www.buffered.com A+ A
ZoogTV www.zoogtv.com A+ A
Trust.Zone https://trust.zone/ A+ A
Privatoria https://privatoria.net/ A- B
MyExpatNetwork http://www.my-expat-network.com/ A+ A
VPNTunnel www.vpntunnel.com F C
SurfEasy www.surfeasy.com A+ A
Tunnelr www.tunnelr.com A- C
FrootVPN www.frootvpn.com A+ A
Smart DNS Proxy https://www. smartdnsproxy .com/ A+ A
Blockless www.blockless.com A+ A
Disconnect https://disconnect.me/ A- B
NoLimitVPN www.nolimitvpn.com A+ A
AceVPN www.acevpn.com A+ A
VikingVPN www.vikingvpn.com A+ A
Proxy.Sh https://proxy.sh/ A С
TowerVPN www.towervpn.com F F
MyPrivateNetwork https://www.my-private-network.co.uk/ A+ A
Mullvad https://www.mullvad.net A+ A+
AirVPN https://airvpn.org/ A+ A+
HotspotShield www.hotspotshield.com F F
BolehVPN https://bolehvpn.net/ A+ A
UnblockUs https://www.unblock-us.com/ A+ A
HideIPVPN www.hideipvpn.com F F
ShadeYouVPN www.shadeyouvpn.com A A
WaselPro www.waselpro.com F F
CryptoStorm https://cryptostorm.is/ A+ A
WorldVPN https://www.worldvpn.net/ A+ A
GoTrusted www.gotrusted.com A B
BeeVPN www.beevpn.com C+ C
UkProxyServer www.ukproxyserver.com F C
OkayFreeedom https://www.okayfreedom.com/en/ A+ A
Anonine www.anonine.com F C
BTGuard www.btguard.com F F
VPN4All www.vpn4all.com F C
TvWhenAway https://www.tvwhenaway.co.uk/ A A+
ExpatSurfer https://www.expatsurfer.co.uk/ A+ A
LibertyVPN https://www.libertyvpn.net C+ F
ClearVPN http://clearvpn.net/ No Cert No Cert
Faceless.me https://faceless.me/ F C
VPNJack www.vpnjack.com No Cert No Cert
MyVPN.Pro http://www.myvpn.pro/ No Cert No Cert
iVPN https://www.ivpn.net/ A+ A+
TellyPortVPN www.tellyportvpn.com No Cert No Cert
iPinator http://ipinator.com/ B B
ZorroVPN https://zorrovpn.com/ A+ A
DoubleVPN https://www.doublevpn.com/en/ A+ A
Hideme.ru http://hideme.ru/ F F
AproVPN http://aprovpn.com/ A+ A-
HotVPN http://www.hotvpn.com/ F F
Cheap-VPN http://www.cheap-vpn.com/ F C
TheSafety.us TheSafety.us F C
ProstoVPN http://prostovpn.org/ No Cert no cert
CryptoVPN https://www.cryptovpn.com/ A+ A
WebmasterVPN http://webmastervpn.com/ F C
Safe-Inet http://safe-inet.com/en/main F F
V-P-N.RU http://v-p-n.ru/ F cert mismatch
Wafers.cc http://wafers.cc/index/ru/ F cert mismatch
Elite VPN Service https://vpn-service.us/ B C
Secretsline.biz http://secretsline.biz/ A+ A
Kebrum.com https://en.kebrum.com/ F C
http://pogodi.nu/ http://pogodi.nu/ No Cert No Cert
TrustVPN http://trustvpn.info/ A+ A
IPVanish https://www.ipvanish.com A+ A
ZenVPN https://zenvpn.net/en/ A+ A+
BananaVPN https://www.banana-vpn.com/ C+ F
VPNAccounts.com http://www.vpn-accounts.com/ B cert mismatch
http://12vpn.com/ https://12vpn.net/ A+ A+
https://www.securevpn.pro/eng/ https://www.securevpn.pro/eng/ F C
http://in-disguise.com/ http://in-disguise.com/ A+ A
Ivacy VPN https://www.ivacy.com/ A+ A

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