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New Ubuntu Over-The-Air update to feature VPN support

New Ubuntu Over-The-Air update to feature VPN support

Reports indicate that the Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu Tablet devices are due to receive an over the air update on April 6th, from maker Canonical.

The update brings with it some exciting new features and updates for the users of the Ubuntu-powered devices. One of the most notable improvements is that users will get VPN support though it reduces their ability to connect to PTTP VPN servers, it also decreases Japanese keyboard support and per application download queues. A new welcome wizard is also part of the new update die on the 6th, with a first-hand tutorial that promises to offer clients completely an out of this world experience through their use of the Ubuntu-powered mobile devices. An additional colour palette has been added for applications which add two new colours, Suru Dark (dark) and Ambience (light) themes.

On top of that the Pinyin support has been updated to feature more and a three-finger gesture was added which allows users to move from main side-stage for all Ubuntu tablet devices. Web apps also have the added advantage of requesting access to the camera, microphone, vibrator and also the accelerometer sensor. SASL authentications are now supported by the Online Accounts.

Two new apps are also coming with the OTA-10 update, uNav GPS, and Dekko email client. The new apps which most users must have installed already, lets Ubuntu users to update their devices using a 3G connection. Other incentives is it also adds Scope filters, adds support for MMS video and audio messages and changes the look and feel of the Messaging service.

For all music lovers, there is a separate volume control for external microphones and a special desktop mode toggle for pocket-desktop devices. The developments are not only for the devices, the Web App also received notable improvements. Many of the app’s bugs have been addressed and there is a touch mode activated for copying and pasting web content. This seems like a good idea for Ubuntu customers.

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