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LeakedSource Disappears, Reports Indicate owner under investigation

LeakedSource Disappears, Reports Indicate owner under investigation

LeakedSource, the famous site that aggregated and sold data from breached sites has disappeared, it has been reported.

According to a post made on a public forum by an individual who is privy to the goings on, the offices of the site were raided by law-enforcement officials earlier on Friday morning and the servers of the site confiscated.

Currently, a search for the site does not produce the required results.

‘Leaked Source is down, and it will never come back, as far as I know,’ the source said in a post.

It has further been reported that the site will not be allowed to continue with operations, given the nature of investigations that law enforcement agencies are conducting against it.

LeakedSource has built its business model on collecting data dumps from breached sites, organising and indexing it in such a manner that users can quickly search for and find data from breached sites.

Users are required to pay specific amounts of money to gain advanced rights to search for data from breached sites.

However, since the company started gaining popularity earlier in 2015, there has been growing concern among users that the business model of the site encourages hackers to hack into many sites and sell the data to them.

Other industry insiders have also questioned the business practices of LeakedSource for long. According to Troy Hunt of HaveIBeenPwned, a competitor to LeakedSource, LeakedSource always appeared to be having a steady flow of leaked data and this raised many eyebrows.

‘The fact that the company seemed always to have a steady flow of leaked data made many people in the industry suspect that the site was encouraging hackers to go for specific sites,’ he said.

However, LeakedSource has maintained that the data it sells to its customers is what is already publicly available.

Earlier in 2016, a spokesperson for the company said that all that the company does is to collect the information and organise it in such a manner that users can find it easily.

LeakedSource has been a leading source of data from hacked sites. The company has been famous for decrypting all the passwords that hackers dump after stealing from various sites. Users have been able to access their passwords in plain text on the site if they happen to be victims of a hacking attack.

Some of the most common hackings that the site has capitalised on to sell breached data to its clients include those MySpace, AdultFriendFinder and Twitter.

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