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Orange Business Services To Bring Out New Feature For Business VPN Galerie

Orange Business Services To Bring Out New Feature For Business VPN Galerie

Orange Business Services has revealed that they are integrating the acceleration service Enterprise Application Management (EAN) Riverbed into the Business VPN Galerie. This move will seek to improve the experience that cloud users have at their remote sites by a significant effort. The service will also aim to boost the performances of all the major cloud services included in the Business VPN Galerie over the enterprise customers VPNs.

Most enterprises which move from their on-site applications as they shift to the software as a service program and in other cases to the Infrastructure as a service program require for their data to be safe and secure just as it would be if stored on a local server. The cloud acceleration technology will come in and help with the elimination of the slow and unpredictable cloud application experience which usually affects remote site users.

The Business VPN will oversee the expansion of Orange Corporate VPN to the cloud through the gateways which are secured. Therefore, enterprises can now access IaaS and SaaS cloud service providers and also at the same time manage to benefit from all the advantages encompassed in the Orange Business Services cloud-ready network.

The EAM Riverbed is an Orange Business Services fully managed service that delivers WAN optimization and can also give application acceleration. It also helps to improve the application response time which means it can help improve the end user experience. It also delivers a traffic optimization second to none using the protocol optimization, caching and traffic compression which in some cases can improve throughput by three times or more.

The service will go a long way as it will also benefit from the software-defined network (SDN) deployment which many people see as one of the key steps in the evolution of the infrastructure at Orange. The Riverbed Application performance optimization is seen as the network function virtualization, which therefore provides enterprises with more flexibility more than the conventional devices can. It gives customers the chance to bring out cloud optimization services quickly and also make them adapt to the changing needs.

The service brings brought out now is a result of the partnership between Orange and Riverbed which started back in 2005. The two partners have been able to provide customers with new services in ways other firms can’t do.

At the moment, around 1,600 customers are using the Business VPN Gallerie as they access the Orange cloud services and many other cloud services such as Google, Microsoft, and the Salesforce.com.

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