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More than 200 websites hacked in India

AnonCoders Strike Again: More than 200 websites hacked in India

Darkshadow-tn, a member of Anoncoders, hacked and deformed over 200 websites across India; this is according to official facebook pages of both zone-h andAnoncoders.

Darkshadow-tn, a member of the group of hackers called Anoncoders, is responsible for this malicious act of deforming the 200 websites. The website could only display the words “HACKED BY DARKSHADOW-TN #FREE KASHMIR”, after the hack. Anoncoders were as generous as to list the websites that were victims of the hack on their official Facebook page.

About information given by Zone-H, the hacked website had the same IP address. In other words, all the hacked websites were on the same server at the time of the hack. The logical explanation of the hack is that the hacker gained access (illegally) to the source of the server and changed the index pages of the websites in question.

When you take a look at the pages of the hacked website, it is clear that the hacker simply wants the release of Indian occupied Kashmir. Protests for the Indian occupied Kashmir are not new. Indian websites have been hacked before for the same reason.

In fact, thousands of websites in India have been prey to the works of hackers who want the release of Indian occupied Kashmir. These protests, in 2014, resulted in the hacking of National Portal of India website. This website was hacked by another group of ‘hacktivists’ known as ZCompany Hacking Crew.

A check on hackers Zone-H mirrors gives the impression that Darkshadow-tn may have hacked over 4,000 websites. In actual sense, not all the defaced pages are protesting the release of Indian occupied Kashmir. This hacker has another message: Muslims are not the real terrorists, the governments are the terrorists.

The aim is not to praise the hacker, but hacking such a huge number of websites is no task for an amateur. However, the security of the server is to be questioned.

To increase websites’ security, experts recommend; server kernels, web site applications and web hosting scripts, should always be updated and using the latest systems. The hackers will find it hard to gain access to servers with mod-security enabled.

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