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VPNs made useless thanks to Zscaler remote access

VPNs made useless thanks to Zscaler remote access

The way it has always been is that an organization gives employees access to corporate applications through the use of Virtual Private Networks. The VPNs have never been so much fun to use, and as the world evolves and they move to higher numbers of other discrete applications and people now possess a huge amount of access devices, the traditional VPN model is now looking more and more tired.

A tech firm, Zscaler, is attempting to change that and revolutionize with their Zscaler Private Access, which is aimed at providing internal applications and services while the security of their networks also stays safe. Zscaler is an Internet security firm.

The company is promising to organizations offers of a secure web gateway, which is fully supported by the cloud. By this action, Zscaler is actually helping move the security back to the Internet backbone. Zscaler has around 100 data centers globally. The company has a number of security needs, which include security of internet, next generation firewall, web security, sandboxing/advanced persistent threat (APT) protection, data loss prevention, SSL inspection, traffic shaping, policy management and threat intelligence.

The company has a client base of more than 5,000 large companies which are making use of their products at the moment. 50 of them are in the Fortune 500. The firm also claims that 15 million end users are making use of the company’s products globally, and they aim to increase the number.

The one security issue Zscaler has been trying to fix with VPNs is that most VPNs give access to a whole network when users are using it, which leads to many exploitable security irregularities. The firm now comes in and decouples the applications from the network thereby delivering granular per-user access to apps and any other services which might be running on the internal corporate network, on data centers or public cloud. Since the company is using its cloud system, there is no need for extra hardware fixation.

The technology has already been released and customers have been happy with it. MAN Diesel & Turbo, said the company, “is always looking for the state of the art in security technology and have been searching for an alternative to our global VPN solution.”

Tony Fergusson, the IT Infrastructure Architect at the firm said, “In general, legacy VPN technology is extremely complex, doesn’t scale well and, most importantly, lacks application-centric security. Traditional VPNs extend the network perimeter to any user that connects, which is a security risk. Zscaler Private Access allows me to give users access to a single application and not to my entire network. This granular application control is also perfect for the growing demand of contractors and partner access.”

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