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Zuckerberg's accounts hacked by OurMine hacking group again

Zuckerberg’s accounts hacked by OurMine hacking group again

One Pinterest account which belongs to the founder of the moat used social media network, Facebook, has been hacked in an attack that seems to be the same with those that other accounts of his have experienced over the past few months. Mark Zuckerberg has had his Twitter account hacked into and various other accounts and now the Pinterest account of the tech billionaire has been targeted.

The hacking group which was responsible for the first two bouts of attacks, OurMine, was the one which was also responsible for this recent attack on Zuckerberg’s Pinterest account. The group is infamously known for invading other high profile people’s accounts including those of Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, Daniel Ek, the Spotify founder and the Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels.

The group also claimed responsibility for a recent attack which was aimed towards the BuzzFeed website. The attack took place last month, one which the group noted as a retaliation to the fake news that the news site had posted about the hacking group.

The OurMine hacking group was responsible for two attacks on Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts back in June. The group revealed at the time that the tech mogul was embarrassingly using the password dadada for both of his profiles.

He Pinterest page for Zuckerberg indicated on Tuesday with a message that said Hacked by Our Mine, and they also had their usual tagline on it which read, “Don’t worry, we are just testing your security, please contact us to tell you more about that and help you to keep your accounts safe.”

The last time that OurMine managed to hack the accounts it was because of the massive LinkedIn data breach that had happened at the time which revealed about 117 million users account details.

However, the group explained that they had managed to gain access this time through one exploit which was on the Pinterest networks. News sites which were in contact with the group confirmed the news, which means that Zuckerberg’s issue is now with Pinterest rather than with his own passwords.

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