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Opera launches free VPN service for Web users

Opera finally brings VPN browser app over to Android

Months after developing a VPN app for the Apple devices, browser developer Opera has finally followed with a VPN browser for the Android devices also. The VPN browser app will now allow Android users the chance to browse and visit sites anonymously without fear of having their identity known or being discovered.

The VPN app just as its iOS counterpart does not require any login from the user or creation of an account. It also does not set any limits on the amount of data that can be used by the user during their browsing period. The app works as efficiently as it is claimed to do. Once a person is using it, users can browse anonymously without any giveaway of the IP address. It also enables users to access region locked content by spoofing the real location just like any other VPN does.

A Wifi test tool is also available for the VPN browser which allows users to scan the network that they are connected to and check if it is safe to use and whether or not it is encrypted. If during the scan, the app discovers that the network is not as safe as advertised or the IP address and location are compromised, the app will list the flaws in a brief report. Other weaknesses which might be detected and be put in the security report include notices if people can steal data from the network and any connected devices to it.

The OperaVPN app supports five languages and gives users the chance to choose their preferred location from five favorable server locations which include the Netherlands, the US, Canada, Germany and Singapore. Researchers and analysts who used the app noticed that it was working efficiently with minimal glitches when turning it on and off, but for everything else it was good.

Most users will however problems with believing the fact that their data is truly safe when using a free VPN service. The President and founder of the Opera VPN SurfEasy division, Chris Houston tried to allay people’s fears by noting that Opera managed to keep the app free by advertisements and also collected anonymous information. The anonymous information collected is not about individual data and what one user does with their phone, but rather information on a larger group of people and their Internet habits. It’s more of taking part in a survey and there is not much personal information that is needed or desired. Personal information is not needed because it might not reflect those of the second person, therefore it is just larger population completely anonymized data.

He also gave detailed notes on what the group was collecting as anonymous data.

  • Usage data such as web addresses
  • A random unique ID number generated by the app
  • Device type
  • Browser type
  • Operating system type
  • IP address and date and time

Houston also said that the company was not going to put ads into the users browsing experience. He noted that there were loads of premium services which would allow users to get browsing experiences without advertisements. One of the premium services include the SurfEasy paid service.

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