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Opera launches free VPN service for Web users

Opera faces difficulties after release of free VPN facility

Opera recently launched its new version of the web browser, the Opera 40, and the browser equipped with free VPN network for its users. The Opera official version for the free VPN service was eventually released after the service had survived close to five months in the experimental phase with the beta version for developers. The company got feedback from the developers and the company made the required improvements so that the app could be able to run on the iOS and Android devices.

Opera currently has servers in five different countries in the world which include Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands. The Netherlands and Singapore were recently added to the five servers of Opera so that they could have more choice as they use the VPN service to hide their original masks and the IPs. The VPN would be widely used to facilitate the users who know the internet usage and the functioning.

Opera officials said that they had held a worldwide survey to see the users’ adoption of the new browser and the VPN free. The feedback the company was from only 50 percent of the people they asked and from the number, 70 percent of them argued that they did mot like using the Opera facility and if it was not free then would not use it.

Users also noted that they noticed some difficulties in the locating part of the VPN facility and also from the subset of the browser rather than the main settings that were in the browser. The VPN on the browser will start working after the setup changes and there is a selection of the virtual location of a choice of the user. Users also get the option to make the browser choose their locations automatically.

The Opera VPN service, however, is not immune to the worldwide VPN block which was implemented by Netflix earlier this year. Netflix has blocked all VPN services from getting their content because they claim it infringes copyright. The Online Commerce sites and the Commercial service providers have been working tooth and nail to tackle the issues. These and other problems might create a challenging environment for the company shortly.

Opera announced the move to make a VPN service built in into their browsers both on mobile devices and computers back in April, but it took them some time to introduce the service on the machines.

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