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Malware leaves no trace of infection after stealing information

New Eko malware seen in France and its targeting the Messenger users

A new malware called Eko malware has been seen in France and it’s been terrorizing Facebook users in the country. The malware now intends to branch out to the rest of the world and that would mean bad news to all Facebook users.

The Eko malware manages to get into the private messages of Facebook users rather inconspicuously. The malware will make the user think that they are receiving messages from their network contacts, without any knowledge at all. The private messages that the users will receive have the following characteristics; they contain the profile picture or one other picture of the recipient of the message.

The messages might also have the name of the recipient along with the term Video attached to it. The messages sent by the malware also contain a fake YouTube video and inside the message there will be a line that will be in it.

Malwarebytes reported that for the unsuspecting receiver of the message, the message will look like a video link from one of their friends and the video is also something which has to do with the recipient also. When such messages enter the Inbox, receiver usually assumes that the message is from a friend therefore they instantly want to view what is inside.

After clicking on the link, the recipient will start receiving notifications to download an extension to the Google Chrome browser. This will be the Eko malware which will be asking for permission to enter the user’s device. The malware does not only affect the Chrome browser but also affects various other browsers.

After the user installs the extension they start getting annoying pop ads and it does not stop there. Security researchers also believe that the Eko malware has the potential to spy on people, steal their personal details including phone numbers and bank account details and can also send some similar messages to other Facebook users using the victim’s account.

The malware is currently the focus in the French media and various other online platforms because it has been able to affect Facebook users who are based specifically in France. As of now, there has been zero reports of the malware affecting users who are located outside of France. France Facebook have been traumatized by this malware for some time and finding a solution is becoming a problem.

This is not the first time that the Facebook network is being affected by scams and malware. The idea of scams on Facebook has long been there and the company continues to receive some scams mostly because of its popularity ok the Internet and the number of traffic it generates everyday.

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