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Amazon sent password reset emails to customers after they discovered login data online

Amazon sent password reset emails to customers after they discovered login data online

Amazon has been sending a password reset email to its clients after a list of login credentials from the website were found online. The number of accounts discovered online is unknown yet but it is wise for Amazon customers to just change their passwords regardless.

The e-commerce giant has been sending emails to their registered customers and it’s encouraging them to start changing their passwords after they managed to see some email addresses and passwords which were posted online.

In the email notice sent to the customers and was dated 30th September 2016 said that the list of emails addresses and passwords which was seen on the internet was not really related to the electronic commerce website but because of the high percentage of users who reuse passwords, it was actually better for customers to change their passwords.

Amazon has been sending the emails to only the customers whose names popped up in the list that was found online. The targeted accounts have also received a temporary password at the moment to help in mitigating any future hacking attempts.

The email notice sent out by Amazon noted that the company had noticed during their routine searches that there was a list of email addresses and passwords which had been posted online. The list was not Amazon related, the email says, but because of the high percentage in password reuse on other websites, they were assigning a new and temporary password to all affected customers.

Back in July this year, there were reports of a hacker who claimed that he had managed to have leaked close to 80,000 Amazon login credentials. Another hacker was also found to have had database which he was selling from one unknown third party server and the database contained some information one which included the Amazon Marketplace.

At the moment it’s unclear if at all the email notice was related to any of the above mentioned incidents as Amazon did not reply to requests for comment. So for customers who have Amazon customers and even those who have not received the email, change your passwords and stay on the safe side.

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