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Netflix at war again with VPN users, in Canada

Netflix at war again with VPN users, in Canada

Netflix has apparently dropped a ‘tech’ bomb on all Canadian VPN users who use them to stream US content.

The move might be applauded by people such as Mary Ann Turcke, who publicly snitched her daughter out last year after Netflix had banned VPN use to access outside content. She snitched that her daughter had been using virtual private networks to access the content. At the time, she said, “We have to get engaged and tell people they are stealing.”

Netflix which introduced the VPN ban last year to stop people from streaming movies and tv shows that are usually not in their country’s catalogue but are in the US said in a blog post in January, that it would put new methods high tech wise, which would aid in stopping and stymieing VPNs and any other side doors which people implement in the geo-blocking programming.

The TV shows and movies that are illegally streamed are usually not licensed to be watched in the countries they are being watched in.

One of the VPN services,, seems to have had its US Netflix servers attacked. The Twitter feed for the firm has constant messages saying, sorry we are a fee days behind, we are working as fast as we can around the clock, and if you would love a refund, please let support know and they can help.”

Another Reddit thread by NetflixByProxy account, showed messages of people saying they had received notifications which said “Proxy Detected – Access to America Denied” and other getting headers such as “Anybody know how they are blocking is?” Other people who are on the Reddit thread said people were not to mention any VPN which was still working just in case Netflix was lurking looking for any clues as to how to finish the job.

An anonymous Toronto based digital professional confirmed that he was a subscriber of the service, and of late accessing the American store of Netflix had been neigh impossible. He said, “It sounds like Netflix is going to triumph, which sucks for me.”

The number of Canadians who have been affected by the techno-attack is not clear at the moment but figures show that around 40 percent of Anglo speaking Canadians have Netflix subscriptions. Of those who subscribe, about a third of them have admitted to accessing the American version, according to data shown by Media Technology Monitor.

When contacted for comment, Netflix denied to comment beyond anything that was said in January.

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