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133,000 users’ data from Three Mobile was compromised as hackers

133,000 users’ data from Three Mobile was compromised as hackers

Telecommunications Company, Three mobile have confirmed that they suffered a hack in a massive way in which data of about 133,000 users was compromised as a result.

The mobile operator however assuaged fears by noting that there was no financial information including passwords and bank details which was accessed by the cyber attackers who had perpetrated the attack. The company also confirmed that they had individually contacted all the customers who were affected by the incident.

Reports indicated that three men who responsible for the attack were arrested after the attack had been revealed. They were arrested over the fraudulent use of the mobile program implemented by Three Mobile which includes upgrading your phone, and all this was an attempt to steal some handsets.

In relation to the situation, the CEO for the company, Dave Dyeson, noted that they had already determined that on November 17th, some eight customers at the company had been unlawfully upgraded to some new handsets. The upgrade had been initiated by the fraudsters who then wanted to act as the middle man and take the handsets, which they would then go and sell, and also in the process obtain every piece of information they could from these unfortunate users.

The investigations conducted by the telecom giant indicated that the cyber attackers could have gotten up to 107,000 customers information and details including their contract start date and contract end dates. Three account number, handset type, whether the bill is paid by card or cash, whether they are a handset or SIM only, and billing date name.

Another group of people, 26,725 users, the cyber attackers could have gone on to get information such as the address, name, telephone number, date o birth, email address, how long they have been a Three customer, and marital and employment status.

The International Business Times reported that two of the three men who had been arrested were from Manchester, and the other one was from Kent. They were charged on the Computer Misuse Act and the attempt to pervert course of justice charge. They were all released on bail as further investigations are done.

Many people have taken to social media to complain about how Three mobile should have informed the affected clients as soon as the incident took place.

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