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UK Authorities to Start Sending Piracy Warning Letters to Users

Authorities in the UK are set to send warning letters to people who use peer-to-peer file sharing sites in a bid to fight online piracy; it has been revealed.

According to reports, the UK authorities, in association with leading players in the anti-digital piracy campaigns in the country such as Get It Right from a Genuine Site, are set to start sending warning letters to individuals who are considered heavy users of P2P file sharing sites.

Get It Right from a Genuine Site is a leading NGO that monitors how people in Britain access P2P sites and illegally download copyrighted materials. The organisation has been working with government authorities to attempt to control the extent to which people download media files from P2P file sharing sites.

However, privacy campaigners and other activist groups are likely to scoff at the recent developments. It has been reported that many people believe that the current attempts by the authorities to control online privacy are unlikely to be effective, given the likelihood of many individuals ignoring the warning letters.

Besides, it has been noted that the recent attempts may not be fully effective because many people now comfortably use VPNs to access P2P file sharing sites, thus effectively overcoming the privacy problem that authorities have been using to try to convince people not to use P2P file sharing sites.

The current developments have their origin in a recently published IP crime report. In the report, it was noted that about 28% of all the people who were interviewed for the report admitted to having downloaded their music and other media files from illegal sites.

‘IP crimes reach the highest level in the digital industry, and this makes it necessary for authorities to take action to correct this trend,’ the report reads in part.

Further, it has been noted that a considerable percentage of people who download movies in the UK do so from questionable sites.

‘About 23% of those interviewed admitted to having downloaded movies from illegal sites,’ the report further states.

It appears the extent to which many people are accessing media content from P2P sites is an issue that the authorities are concerned with.

The proposed warning letters shall contain details of why individuals should avoid downloading files from P2P files, emphasising the dangers that individuals face when they visit such sites.

However, other observers have said that the new strategy may not bear the desired fruits because many people are now used to the habit of accessing content from P2P sites using their VPN accounts.

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