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Russia to Sell its Proprietary Anti-Hacking Technology to India

Russia to Sell its Proprietary Anti-Hacking Technology to India

Russian is ready to sell its innovative anti-hacking technology to India. Speaking recently, the head of Russian Quantum Centre, the body that is in charge of developing the technology, Ruslan Yunusov, said that his agency is willing to work with India on a broad range of security-related projects. He added that the proprietary technology would be useful in helping Indian authorities make far-reaching security changes in sectors such as banking, communications and national security.

Russian Quantum Centre has been working on the new technology for a couple of years. The government-funded agency operates under the auspices of Skolkovo, a large tech research hub in Moscow. Skolkovo in general and RQC in particular, have been working on a range of cutting-edge technologies aimed at addressing pressing problems in the IT sector.

For the better part of the period in which it has been in existence, RQC has focused its attention on developing a new generation of technologies that banks and other institutions can use to conquer multiple hacking attempts. The flagship of this new approach is the quantum cryptography technology that the agency intends to share with Indian authorities.

It has been observed that the new anti-hacking technology differs from conventional forms in that it uses quantum-based properties as opposed to the conventional cryptography systems that make us of common mathematical combinations.

Many experts have argued that the new technology is likely to be revolutionary in the world of cyber security, given its radically new intrinsic properties and mode of operation. For example, TechTarget, a cyber security research firm, has said that the new Russian technology may be completely unbreakable and that this gives it an edge over the conventional cryptography systems.


Local observers are of the opinion that the new technology is needed in India urgently. Cases of cyber criminals attempting to hack into banking systems in India have been on the rise in the recent past. Trishneet Arora, the CEO of TAC Security, argues that given that global companies have fallen victim to multiple hacking attacks, it follows that many businesses in India are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

FireEye, another local cyber security firm in India, has pointed out that the country has been experiencing widespread cases of hacking attempts. The company says that criminals are always changing their modus operandi in a bid to match new developments in cyber security as well as take advantage of newly emerging vulnerabilities.

Complex computing

The essence of the new technology is a new form of computing called quantum computing. According to RQC, new-age hackers can manage to decipher any system in the world if they make proper use of quantum computers, a new breed of super-powerful machines.

However, quantum computers are still few and limited to the global tech giants such as Google and Microsoft. Therefore, RQC seeks to get ahead of the game and develop highly sophisticated systems that even quantum computers cannot breach, thus managing to make several steps ahead of hackers who are yet to land their hands on quantum computers.

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