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Possible PoS Breach Investigated by Millennium Hotels & Resorts

Millennium Hotels & Resorts is investigating a possible breach involving the point-of-sale (PoS) systems at around 14 locations in USA.

Millennium Hotels & Resorts (MHR) has notified its customers that it is investigating a possible breach involving its PoS systems. The breach could affect 14 locations in the United States of America.

MHR has hired the help of a third party forensics company, and no malware has been reported thus far. MHR was notified that the systems that process customer payment cards at food and beverage facilities could have been breached earlier this year. They were first notified of this by the U.S Secret Service and then by a third party vendor that supplies as well as services the PoS systems in question. They said that they had detected a malware in some of their legacy PoS systems, some of which were used by MHR.

Judging by this news, people have ascertained that this third party vendor could perhaps by MICROS, which was hacked as part of the five PoS vendors breached by a hacker group. MICROS requested its customers this month to change their passwords as it had detected malicious code on some of its legacy systems. Although MHR said that the third party that notified them is a significant supplier of PoS systems in the hotel industry, they did not disclose its name.

The incident could affect 14 MHR locations, according to them. That would mean that all their American locations could be affected, for they have just those many locations in USA in cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. As of now, no evidence has been found to indicate that the hotel property management and booking systems are affected. MHR, though, has upped its overall security in the wake of this investigation. They claim to have implemented additional security measures as proposed by its PoS service provider.

This is another case which highlights just how unsafe each and every industry in the world today is. Hackers are leaving no stone unturned in having a go at everyone and anyone. While the major global organizations recorded the majority of cyber-attacks in the past, almost all sectors are targeted equally in today’s world. The hotel industry is being targeted a lot recently.

It was only a few days ago in the month of August that the news about HEI Hotels & Resorts being affected by a security breach involving payment card information. The breach was reported to have affected 20 locations in USA. HEI has 50 locations under its name in the United States of America, and 20 of those had been affected by the malware.

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