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New Tor Browser 6.0 Comes Packed With Security Improvements and Updates

New Version of Sandboxed Tor Browser Available: Developer

A developer has said that a new version of the popular Sandboxed Tor Browser is now available. In a statement, Yawning Angel, the pseudonym of the developer working on the project, said that the new version of the Sandboxed Tor Browser is now in the alpha stage of development. The alpha stage of development marks the last step in the process of developing software before a program is made officially available in the market.

Increased Security

The new version of the browser promises to give users improved levels of security. According to the developer, the source codes of the new product are now out.

One of the things that will make the new browser more secure than the earlier version is the use of the sandboxing procedure. According to the developer, the need to sandbox this popular browser arose from the realisation that governments and hackers across the world are determined to hack into the systems of individuals who use the Tor system.

According to the developer, using the sandboxing procedure helps to secure users since the sandbox dampens all the efforts of hackers at accessing the IP addresses of Tor users.


But it is important to note that this new Tor browser only works on Linux. There are two reasons for this. First, the developer of the new browser has spent a considerable amount of time developing new applications for Linux. It is, therefore, predictable that the new version works on Linux. Second, the new browser relies on the Bubblewrap feature of Linux for it to function properly. It is because of this technical requirement that the new version of the browser will only work on Linux.

Series of attempts

This new version of the Sandboxed Tor Browser comes as part of a series of earlier attempts. Yawning Angel has been trying to build a sandboxed version of the Tor Browser for a long time. However, all the previous versions of the browser have failed on technical grounds. Given that the current version is already in the alpha stage, it remains to be seen how any errors in its functionality shall be fixed.

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