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New Portable VPN Router InvizBox Go on the Market

New Portable VPN Router InvizBox Go on the Market

The device was created by Irish tech firm, InvizBox. It has several functions including ad blocking, WiFi extension and VPN services.

VPNs have been widely successful in the modern era. From being used in repressive regimes, to Netflix, they have had a high level of success. So any new player to the field is highly welcomed by consumers, especially if they come in with extra functions.

An Irish cybersecurity firm called InvizBox has created a portable and small VPN router for users. The VPN router is called the InvizBox Go, and it includes a power bank which is built in. It also has a WiFi extension together with an ad blocker.

What is InvizBox Go?

The new device is one secretive and small VPN router, which enables users to discreetly browse their internet when using WiFi. Its portableness allows it to be used any place including at home or at work and even on public WiFi. The device also has several functions including the ability to work as a power bank. Therefore it can fully charge a mobile device at any time.

It can also be connected to several devices and is relatively easy to use. Any device that is working with the device will immediately have encrypted network once it connects to the internet. The InvizBox does not need extra software downloaded, and it is equal to the current security updates. They also went a step further in designing an interface that allows users to make any configurations and changes they need. It can be used at any time and any place to protect any internet connected device. As with any VPN, users are safe from any profiling by the authorities, criminals or any other entity, when they use the device.


The InvizBox Go device allows users to have different functions and capabilities at any given time. One of the advantages is that it is portable, and therefore can be used from any place in the world. This allows users to be able to stream any content they like without any geographical restrictions. The device has a global VPN service and this allows it to work anywhere in the world.

For use of the VPN service, the company partnered with the firm, IPVanish. IPVanish is a well-known VPN provider globally. The InvizBox Go devices are connected to fast servers which are located in over 20 countries. This allows for safe internet access and at the same time, allows for access to any blocked content. The service is €5 annually and can be renewed monthly or annually as per preference.

The device also comes equipped with an ad blocker, which means it is also useful in such cases. The device has several well-known ad providers which can be used at any given time. The device is able to keep the list up to date, to allow users an ad-free browsing.

Another great feature is the WiFi extending feature. This allows for an extension of the internet in cases of weak WIFI spots. The device has an extender mode which can be used to strengthen the internet connection.

The device is available for sale from the InvizBox website for several packages and services. The packages start at €119 which includes a 2-month premium and then also go up-to €199, which is for 24 months VPN.

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