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New money stealing ransomware present on the market

New money stealing ransomware present on the market

This day it’s all about ransomware, malware, data leak or something. The technology world created a new world for all of us, and we are all being zapped into it. And as such bad things are happening in the new world that the technology industry created.

In one of the bad instances, there was a ransomware which terrorized users and their PCs. The ransomware known as Locky continues to terrorize people due to its ability to disguise itself and place itself in the Microsoft Word documents and then after that hijack computer files. The Locky ransomware even made officials of the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital pay up to $17,000 in ransom after it had attacked the hospital’s servers.

However, out with the old and in with the new. There is a new ransomware in town. The new ransomware called the ‘CryptXXX’ recently appeared and had also started terrorizing people already. The ransomware appeared to have been present before but was modified by its authors to be more effective I guess.

It attacks users PCs and also has foud a way to steal their credentials which give cyber attackers a better chance of getting more money from the victims. The ransomware works by using the so-called ‘StillerX.’ This is something that gives criminals the capability to target various applications and also software programs which would be useful to the hackers such as the Cisco VPN details.

Analysts believe that the CryptXXX malware collects around $100,000 to $200,000 from its victims daily.

The ransomware does not rely on simply attaching itself to some file like the Locky ransomware. Its work hinges on it being able to get users to click on various malicious links that contain exploit kits. The malware is also very good at hunting for files which could be encrypted on the local and file storage devices. It can also use shared resources on any given network.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from the ransomware. One of the main things to do is to get an Internet security system such as the Kaspersky Lab products. The company is used by 400 million people worldwide and 270,000 businesses. The software can also help to block and detect the ransomware. It does not matter whether the ransomware is new or its old. The Kaspersky product can also double as a filter for phishing scams so working with it is a plus.

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