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New EU Law will Allow Users to Watch Their Digital Content From Any EU Country Without Restriction

New EU Law will Allow Users to Watch Their Digital Content From Any EU Country Without Restriction

The impending Brexit move means UK citizens will only enjoy the new law for one year. The new law allows users to watch content without the use of any VPNs.

Brexit has been on the run for a while now with several details of Britain’s impending exit still showing up. Various industries will be affected by the move and it seems like Brexit will affect everyone.

Once Britain has left the European Union formally, citizens won’t be able to use the copyright laws of the organization. That means none of them will be able to use any of the digital subscriptions as they go overseas. The new EU law called the Portability Rules will start working on Sunday. They are the to give any of the body’s citizens the chance to use any digital services in the 28 countries without any restrictions.

Temporary Legislation

Considering that the UK only has a year to go before they formally leave the EU, they will only have one-year benefits. The European Commission, the body which helps with the introduction of any EU law, notified notable stakeholders of their new plan. The commission noted that once the Brexit move was done and dusted, no EU law would be implemented for the British people.

The negotiations for the procedure of Brexit itself are still ongoing. Both parties agree that the UK can’t just abruptly leave the Union, therefore they want to allow for a period of transition. This period would see the UK leave gradually, allowing them to move bit by bit. However, the Commission also noted that the British might be subject to the EU laws during the transition period. However, since talks are still ongoing, they could not pinpoint on which information would be made use of at the moment.

Under normal laws right now, British people cannot access services such as BBC iPlayer outside of the country. They can get services such as Netflix, but only access the content available in that particular country. However, with the new law coming into place, the BBC iPlayer will be available in all EU countries. Netflix services would also be required to be consistent regardless of which EU country a user is in.

Brexit consequences

However, even after Britain eventually leaves the EU, they will still have international copyright standards to adhere to. The World Intellectual Property Organization has global reach on copyright arrangements. However, since they will not be covered by EU law, they will only use the new EU law for at least one year.

Most Brexit supporters might look at the news by the Commission as a way to change the British public’s mood towards Brexit. Those against Brexit even when their PM has said it is happening will get more reasons to lament the Brexit move.

However, the British people might not feel entirely left out because the use of VPNs has skyrocketed. Users can access services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer without any problems through VPNs. Some might argue that the new Portability Law might be irrelevant because of the wide access of VPNs by users.

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