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Anonymous Plan DDoS Attack on Israeli Military in Protest

Metropolitan police hacked by Anonymous

The Metropolitan police news site was hacked by cyber activists who were retaliating for the Million Mask march arrests which had been made earlier and been reported on the news site earlier that day, according to reports coming out of the country. The hacking group, Crash OverRide, took responsibility pf the attack, as the hacker tweeted: Arrests Downtime b****.

The hacker also claimed that they were part of a hacking group which was affiliated with the infamous hacking group, Anonymous and the other highly active splinter group, LulzSec. In the series of tweets posted after the hack, the cyber attacker noted that the hack was part of the Operation AntiSec, which was part of a series of cyberattacks and strikes which were aimed at the major government institutions and security services.

The Metropolitan police have not confirmed that the attack took place even though it took place during the Million Mask march. One spokesperson for the Metropolitan police told reporters that they would be contacting their web supplier to get more information and it was rather too early for them to understand what the issue and problem was at the time being.

The cyber attack came after there were some angry scenes which erupted in the English capital during the annual Million Mask march which calls for a revolution in the country and also calls for the death of the Queen. The protesters were in possession of various banners some which said death to the monarchy, and tory scum. The protesters were in possession of lit flares and they were engaged in tense standoffs with the police for a long time in the streets.

The protesters were wearing their traditional Guy Fawkes masks so that they could hide their faces and they chanted some anti capitalist slogans and also called for the overthrow of the Government itself. At the same time, it is also said that various supporters of the Anonymous group also descended on the Trafalgar square aa police officers were forced to ensure a tight perimeter with the use of baton sticks and riot shields. Witnesses said that there were scuffles and shouting between the two groups.

The protesting group then made their way to the parliament building where they continued with their protests and also lit up fireworks and flares in front of the Westminster Abbey. At the same time, the police announced that anyone responsible for violence would be taken into custody.

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